About us


Makaoplus Properties Ltd is a Limited Liability Company registered in Kenya, under the Companies Act (Cap.486) of Kenya. It is a subsidiary of A-Plus Motors Ltd, the leading motor-vehicle dealer in East and Central Africa. It started operating in 2014 but fully incorporated on 26th January, 2015 with the able leadership of Mr. James Mwangi Muturi, the Managing Director of A-Plus Motors Ltd and its sister companies. The company was started due to a number of reasons; the main one being, clients demand and inquiries on how they can own genuine properties. Most clients desire having thorough information that will guide their decision making on what is available in the market and also getting the proper advice on where to investment, hence, our slogan, 'the link to your exact investment. The company is also motivated by the growing property market in the rising Kenya and Africa. Kenya is ranked among the seven most promising economies in Africa and with the capability of becoming an economic powerhouse. We see the potential of Agribusiness, unexploited land or entrepreneurial boom when it comes to investing in a worthwhile manner.

Our Vision

Kenya as the business hub of East Africa is blessed with incredible riches and abundance of opportunities, both commercial and high rise developments. This has caused the property sector to keep on blossoming, which has attracted great investments. A leading paper in Kenya said, 'land has risen as Kenya's (Daily Nation Cover Story). Kenya’s capital city has grown through the years to become East and Central Africas business and financial centre. It’s a truly expanding cosmopolitan city ranked as best African’s city. Its expansion is fully connecting it with its neighboring counties (Kiambu, Machakos and Kajiado counties) where we can facilitate touching the base and other prime places. While land prices are rising, Makaoplus Properties Ltd, 'the link to your exact investment', offers you an opportunity to invest or settle in an affordable land before its price skyrockets and becomes an unaffordable. We link with our financial partners in facilitating you to become a growth driver in achieving the Vision 2030 Objectives. We are there to help you own a plot or piece of land without stress. We also understand that land is a sensitive issue where cartels have caused many peoples' dream not realizable hence bringing in legal expertise in all we do.

Our Objectives

To carry on the business of an investment enabling company; ‘the link to your exact investment’.  We deal with prime land, with ready title deeds.  We accept installments and arrange financing with reputable financial institutions.

To carry on the business of real estate development.  We acquire real property and erect and construct houses buildings or works of every description on such property whether or not owned by the company and to demolish, rebuild, enlarge, alter and improve existing houses, buildings or works, to convert and appropriate any such land into and for roads, streets, squares, gardens and pleasure grounds and other conveniences.

To carry on the business of estate agents, property constructors, investors and developers in commercial, residential, office, retail and industrial property; and to buy, sell, subdivide, develop, rent and appraise real estates and to engage in the business of purchase and sale of properties, securities and management of equity and investment.

 To purchase and sell for any person’s freehold or otherwise property or buildings or any share or shares interest or interests therein and to transact on commission or otherwise the general business of estate agents.

 To let on lease property or estates or parts thereof and to provide such diversified facilities and services as are ordinarily and normally provided to the occupiers or tenants in residential flats, business premises, offices and hotels; including developing shopping centres, leisure, residential and office condominiums; and to undertake or direct the management of properties, buildings, lands and estates of any persons.

To obtain all necessary permits or licenses required for the purpose of enabling the company to carry on its business upon such terms and conditions as may be acceptable to it.

To be a catalyst in the execution and implementation of the Vision 2030 by utilizing the unexploited potential of factors of production hence bringing effects on the nation’s economic growth.