New Residential Project Alert ( Zuwena Gardens)

MakaoPlus Properties Limited is extremely pleased and delighted to introduce to you an exceptional opportunity to purchase your dream home. We are overjoyed to announce the launch of our latest residential project, Zuwena Gardens, which is situated in the picturesque region of Juja, in Kiambu County. With an impressive size of 50X100 plots, this controlled development project is an optimal choice for anyone who dreams of residing in an excellently developed, secure, and comfortable neighborhood.

Zuwena Gardens is strategically located, close to Corner Brook School, making it easily accessible. Additionally, Zuwena Gardens offers a peaceful and idyllic ambiance, which is perfect for raising a family. With an affordable and flexible payment plan, you can now obtain your very own piece of paradise by covering a cash price of Ksh 2 Million or Ksh 2.1 Million with the option of up to six months installment payment plan.

Furthermore, Zuwena Gardens is wonderfully nestled in an already developed area that boasts of reliable access to water and electricity, along with good infrastructure. It is an ideal spot for creating cherished memories with your family while increasing your property investment. Just envision owning a property within close proximity to Juja South Estate in a prime and upscale neighborhood such as Juja. This is an incredible chance that should not be missed!

Please do not hesitate to contact  us at MakaoPlus Properties Limited today for a site visit and to book your dream home. Our team is steadfast in ensuring that you experience the confidence that comes with owning a property in a prime location. Do not let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by. Choose MakaoPlus Properties Limited and let us help you achieve your dreams.

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